Monday, April 11, 2005

Banana Slug Alert!

Banana Slug Alert!! Someday I'll make a quilt about Banana Slugs. Aren't they a great colour?For now I shall settle for moving them off the driveway so they don't get squashed. The really good thing about Banana Slugs, they don't eat my plants, but they LOVE dog poo (which we have no shortage of). So they are welcome in my yard anytime, and with all this endless rain this year, they're happy to be out and about instead of hiding in the coolness of the redwood groves on our property. Posted by Hello


Gerrie said...

My youngest daughter and my son graduated from UCSC, where the banana slug is the mascot as you probably know! We lived in Los Gatos for several years and enjoyed hiking in the Santa Cruz mountains - habitat for the banana slug!

Elle said...

I've never seen a banana slug before and you're right, it is a pretty color compared to the icky slime dark gray of the ones here.