Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Guilty Pleasure

The Artful Quilters Web Ring web mistress, Diane, recently asked a question to the group members "write about your guilty pleasures". Well, I wasn't ignoring this question, I've been thinking on it. And I found that I have to agree with DebR and DebL, guilt just isn't in my vocabulary anymore. I'm free! And I wish everyone else could be too. Sure there are things that I regret, or wish I didn't do, but that isn't truly guilt. I used to have a lot of guilt, about just about everything I ate or said or did, and I realized that it took up waaay too much energy to keep track of what I was supposed to be guilty about. This is all wrapped up in the spiritual path that I'm on, where all the crappy shoulda woulda coulda's we all carry around get left on the side of the path, and you get to walk on down that yellow brick road, lighter, footloose and fancy-free. It is a decision you get to make. No one can make you feel guilty about anything, without your consent(paraphrase of DearAbby or Eleanor Roosevelt). Having guilt is a choice. Think on that for a while and see if you agree...
Now, I've known people who seem to thrive on guilt, or crave it, it is in a way how they feel alive I suppose. And I wish for them that they could see how hard they're making their life. Let go, enjoy life as you want to, it is your life after all, and you were put here and now to do something besides feeling guilty about all the things that bring you pleasure.
Ok, anti-guilt rant over {grin}

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