Friday, April 08, 2005

The Interview

Julie's Interview Questions from Dara over at DaraMusing

1. If you had daughters instead of sons, what would their names be?

My son Zachary would be Zoe, and Alexander would be Claire or Sophia.

2. What was your most embarrassing moment?

Ummm, I’ve forgotten them all. Well, no ok, I do remember just one. It happened way back when I was singing in choir for church when I was in high school. We finished our performance and walked down the aisle and to the back of the church. And when I arrived there after passing by hundreds of congregants I realized my dress was crammed into the back of my pantyhose. Oy! And none of my choirmates had noticed since we were so intent on getting our performance done well. Several people mentioned it to me later, much to my red-faced chagrin.

3. If you never bought or were given another piece of fabric, how many quilts could you make before you ran out?

First of all, sheesh, what a horrible thought, no more fabric. Eeeek that would be awful. But I think I could make about 100 king sized quilts from all the fabric stuffed into my studio. Geez that is a lot, the chances of me actually doing that are oh let's say around, nil. So I better write up my plans for my excess fabricses when I kick the bucket!

4. What is your definition of love?

The feeling for another that comes from your heart not your brain.

5. How many t-shirts do you own?

I have two and one half completely stuffed over full dresser drawers full of t-shirts. I wear approximately 10 on a rotating basis. This is probably at least 100 t-shirts that I own. Lots of them don’t even fit but are being saved for historical reasons, old events that have good memories, concerts, etc. Guess I oughta make a t-shirt quilt or something, huh?

So, pshew, that wasn't so terribly hard. If you want to be interviewed, just leave a comment saying "Interview Me" and I'll think up some questions that we are all dying to know about YOU!

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Dara said...

Wow, make that 110 quilts if you count the t-shirts! Thanks for playing.