Saturday, April 23, 2005

Magpie Goes Shopping (again)

Here's a hint, when you're ill don't shop online, because you will buy anything and everything, with a very good purpose or use in mind, and then when it arrives a week later, you will be Surprised, Shocked and Bewildered. Who ordered all this stuff? What was she planning to use it for? And then the credit card bill comes, aieeee.
So whilst I was waiting the bronchitis to leave my body, my poor addled brain let my fingers do the walking and I ended up with this stuff:

Beads and jewels from FireMountainGems

Bundles of fat quarter stripes from Hancock's of Paducah (I love how they don't ship during "quilt week", because they are so inundated with visitors to the big quilt show going on).

New fabs also from Hancock's. The sock monkey fabric is for my son Zach, who is for some reason nick-named "Sock Monkey King" by his buddies. And I found some Dia de los Muertos fabric that kerris had teased me with, so hah! The black/white print is supposed to look like fishnet stockings...oohlala!

These were actually purchased on an in-person field trip I took with my friend Debbie, to Thai Silks in Los Altos. I can't believe it, this was the first time I ever went there, and it is so close too. A whole store filled with just silk (except for one small selection of cotton batiks). Almost too much to choose from. These are sage greencolored silks, they look very grey though in this picture for some reason?? I'm going to try to do a monochromatic quilt with them, or maybe a wearable since they are pettable silk, especially the raw silk in the foreground.

These were cheapie silk scarves, some with fringe, some not. I may add beads, or sew them all together for a shawl or just admire their beauty.

Thai Silks $1 grab bag, this is fun stuff. Except it was all STAPLED with Giant Industrial sized-staples that made me bleed and break fingernails, grrrr. But there is some purty stuff in here. What do you think a nine-patch made out of chiffon samples? Sounds like something DebR would do (B.E.G.).


Deb R said...

1. You are a bad, BAD infulence, Julie. I am totally drooling over some of your novelty fabric purchases from Hancock's, in particular the fishnet, the lips (fabo!), and the one with "The Scream" on it (must be copies of various paintings on there?). It's making me kinda-sorta wish I'd gone to Paducah this past week after all, even though I'm currently mad at the AQS people. :-D

2. I want to see you make the chiffon nine-patch thing. And when you say bad words I'm going to laugh my ass off. HA!! (BEG right back atcha!)

3. Regarding your last post...I want one of those decks of cards. Definitely let us know when they're available, ok?


Diane said...

Wow! I'm coveting your bundles of stripes! Gorgeous!

And glad you liked Thai Silk! I grew up in Los Altos and my parents live in Los Altos Hills so I get in there from time to, huh?!

arlee said...

oo everyone's been shoppin' lately--can't wait till my turn! That day of the dead stuff is a scream, i love it!

Susan said...

Could you tell me who made the Day of the Dead fabric...just what I need for the back of my "Day of the Dead" quilt that I'm working on....looked on Hancocks but couldn't find it...thanks!

PaMdora said...

I kept thinking it was going to end, but it's just like at my house when my husband says, "There's ANOTHER box for you on the front porch!" Congrats on many fine internet purchases!

Logan said...

I just finished a silk throw for the couch - I backed everything with a light woven fusible interfacing. That made the silk a dream to work with! After all the horror stories, I figured that was the safe way to go. Have fun with your silks - they are luscious!