Saturday, April 02, 2005

Historical Building Block

I was asked by a friend of a friend to make a block for the San Lorenzo Valley Museum quilt of historic buildings. Here is the photo that I was given of the Felton Train Station. And the block was to be 10.5"square.

Working on it, working drawing above. Hard to work this small! I used Romeo water soluble stabilizer on the back, and Steam a Seam 2 for fusing the pieces.

Done! Not so wrinkly after I removed the stabilizer and pressed it.

I like the ghostly image on the back, almost looks like architectural drawings since I used blue bobbin thread.
Hope that the quilt raises lots of money for the museum, they have great exhibits that have so much good info on the Redwood "gold" rush era in the mountains here.

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kristen said...

julie - this looks SO cool! and i agree, the blueprint look on the back is really really nice. I hope it makes a lot of money too.