Monday, April 18, 2005

Favorite Room in the House

The lady with the questions...our favorite Artful Quilters web ring-leader Diane asks:
What is your favorite room in your house? Why? favorite room in the house. Well, I actually do like all the rooms in my house. Even the laundry room (because I do my dye-ing there). Of course ALL of the rooms in my house need fixing up or painting or cleaning or whatever. But my favorite room, is a hard choice, we've been working on our bedroom over the last year, and it is turning into my favorite room, mostly because of the cozy comfy waterbed. Lying down reading with the window open for some fresh spring air, ahhhhh.
Really though, I have to say my favorite room is my studio. It is a teeny little room (I think it is 6'wide by 10'long), very crowded, but it has all my art stuff in there and it has a nice view out the window. It used to be the boys room, so the ceiling is painted blue with clouds (which I like), and there are stencils all over the wall (don't like those, need to paint over 'em), the lighting is good, thanks to Marc installing halogen spots, and I have good storage space, lots of gorillaracks to hold all my boxes and boxes of fabric stash and rubber stamps and paper stuff,etc....
Why?? Because I get to do most of my creating in there, I can leave my messes out and no one touches anything, I get to play my music as loud as I want, and my crazy studio cat (Pele) lives in there, and I get to be alone (usually). A Room of One's Own, what more could a girl ask for?


Elizabeth said...

I don't have a "room" for my art area (live in a teeny apartment right now) but I decided to ditch the dining area and set up everything there. When friends come over, we tend to gathering around the sofa and tv anyway so why not eat casual meals over there? I've a question for you (I'm new to finding your site so please accept my apologies if you've already addressed this somewhere) - what does your studio look like? Every creative I know is on the look out for ways to organize and such - I love any chance to see how others have their areas set up for use and inspiration. Any studio pix?

Nicky said...

I agree totally, its great being alone in your own space doing something creative.