Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Wandering Wednesday: Crater Lake

 We were so glad to get a chance to get back to Crater Lake towards the end of our trip last month. It was just as beautiful and awe-inspiring as the first time. This is the first picture I took at the very first lookout.
 A slightly better selfie than usual.
  All the glorious colors, worth a million pictures.
 And so are these two, we had some fun trying to get everyone in the picture. There's a whole series of these that make me laugh just looking at them.
 One of the best parts of seeing Crater Lake is the island in the middle and how different it looks from all the angles as you drive around.

Vidae Falls. 
 While the rest of the family played mountain goat and scrambled up and around the falls I took pictures of all the wildflowers.


Jaye said...

Gorgeous blue water!! Great selfie, too.

Julie Zaccone Stiller said...

The pictures don't do the water justice, not even close, it's extraordinary. And I'm continuing to work on my selfie game.