Monday, September 05, 2016

Sixth Weekly Study Square

This week's Study Square quilt-let.  I think this is the first one I wish was wall-quilt sized.

Just for fun I'll list the projects all the scraps are from:

  • the front and the back of the Tumbler quilt
  • backing fabric (that's the argyle-ish one) which is used on this and several other of the weekly quilts
  • leftover pieces from Sizzix cutting out star blocks
  • bits from the daily City Sampler blocks. 

All mixed in there together. And more importantly, not sitting in the scrap basket on my table, making room for this week's scraps.

The eight words of the week were:


I'm finding the words not as critical in the making of these quilt-lets but I am thinking about them as I assemble each one. I am writing them down in a journal every week and using them in writing little poem/paragraph things that use all the words. Those tend to be more related to the quilts. I'm working up for sharing one of them along with the image of the quilt-let. But I may just keep them to myself.

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