Monday, September 26, 2016

A Do-Over

 I was on a roll the other night listening to a great story podcast (The Bright Sessions) and I wanted to keep sewing but I didn't want to cut out anything, so I scooped up the stack of mini-wave pieces I'd cut out with my Sizzix. Unfortunately, I forgot that the recommended way to sew these together is in columns not rows. And after I'd sewn all of them into rows and tried to assemble the rows, well...let's just say the results were rather frustrating.
Why? indeed... So then I ended up spending an hour un-sewing all of them and I'm now re-sewing them together in rows and the curves are so much easier to handle this way. They're coming out exactly right every time. It was truly worth the time to un-sew!


Jaye said...

I bet you'll never forget how to sew these pieces together. ;-)

Great job! Love the fabric combination.

Julie Zaccone Stiller said...

Yeah, no kidding, I'm an expert at sewing that shape now. And un-sewing it!