Sunday, September 04, 2016

Kitchen Remodel

 I haven't talked about it here at all, but here's the current state of our complete kitchen remodel that we began way back in May. The new quartz counters were installed last week and I'm thrilled with how they look with the cabinets. In different light they look greenish or sometimes purplish, so it's all good.
 It was a hard 48 hours that we had to wait to get to touch them.
We celebrated by having take out pizza on the counter!
Today my fabulous husband re-installed the stove, and hooked up the faucet, disposal and dishwasher. He is amazing. Only involved two trips to the hardware store which is a new record I think.
Now it's time for me to finally figure out the last few things, the flooring, tile, light fixtures and a new door.

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