Sunday, September 18, 2016

Late Summer Cornucopia

 Late Summer Randomness or It's Much Too Hot to Think Today.
This first one is one of those pictures I take purely by accident when I neglect to push the off button on my iPhone all the way. Usually I just look at them and laugh and delete them, but this one I saved because I just love it. The composition (which I probably never would have thought of myself), the objects lengthened in the shadows. And the chair shadow reminds me of Mike Mulligan's steam shovel, Mary Anne.
 It's super hot and only a few things are bothering to bloom. I don't even want to take pictures of how dry and unhappy the redwoods are right now because it makes me sad and worried for them.
 For some reason we had a day where birds decided to come inside. This was an actual bluejay inside my house. My dog, Meg helped keep it occupied until I could trap it with a towel. It was very happy to fly back outside. Unfortunately the second bird inside the house that day (a rather large robin) was taken down by the mighty huntress.
 Something about this color combination makes me extremely happy. No, everything about it does. And these are plants that are in separate planters but leaning towards each other. Okay guys, I get it, next year I'll move you around so you can be together.
 As I watered the deck plants I noticed a cute little round cactus baby had escaped.
 This is where the baby is escaping from, pretty crowded I guess. It's in a roomier spot now, hopefully putting down some new roots or whatever cactuses do to grow.
New drawers in the new kitchen means new drawer organizers. This is a super-staged, maybe even pinterest worthy picture I took of it with the late afternoon sun hitting just right. It most certainly will never look this way again.

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