Sunday, August 01, 2010

Yin-Yang Completion

The bag I've had in process for quite awhile now (ahem) is now.....drumroll please......tada!

Done! This is the Yin-Yang Bag from Scrap Bags-Jamie Kalvestran. I love how it turned out, and it was much easier to put together than I thought it would be. Once I had all the pieces prepared (see first picture), it went along very smoothly thanks to the well-written instructions in the pattern.

Here is how it looks from the side so you can see the pocket sticking out a bit.

And here is a shot of the inside. There is actually a lot more room in this bag than I thought at first, and with the two pockets created, it should be easy to use. I just wish that I'd thought to put a magnetic closure in as I was sewing it, maybe I'll try to add one.

Material force moves and flows in all directions and in all manners. Its two elements unite and give rise to the concrete. Thus the multiplicity of things and human beings is produced. In their ceaseless successions the two elements of yin and yang constitute the great principles of the universe. ~ Chang Tsai


carolyn said...

that pattern would also make a very cool bib too :) very cute

Julie ZS said...

Oooh, you're so right Carolyn, I'll go measure and see if the bag handle loop would be enough to go around a baby/toddler neck. Any fabric requests?

carolyn said...

anything blueberry or tomato colored--the favorite treats :)

Jamie Kalvestran said...

So very happy you liked my Yin-Yang pattern. Thank you for posting your lovely finished bag! Awesome!

FYI, if anyone does use the pattern to create a baby bib. PLEASE, please, please make sure you use a small velco (Hook & loop) tab to close it. Otherwise you have a "CHOKE HAZARD". The pattern as it's written is NOT SAFE for a bib. I formerly designed baby toys, bibs and other products and this is a very important point. Thanks for taking note of it.

Jaye said...

My friend, Faye, loves this bag. I wrote about some of her versions on my blog at:

Glad to hear about your experience with the bag pattern as well. I also like to see how different fabrics make the bag look different.

Julie ZS said...

Ok Carolyn, got it!
Thanks Jamie, yes I really liked your pattern. And I wasn't thinking of it being put over the child's head as a solid loop, you're right that could be a bad thing. I was more worried about whether the interior curve of the handle would be be big enough or the right size for a child's neck.
Jaye, thanks for the reminder about Faye's bags, I have to go check them out again.