Friday, August 27, 2010

Vast Beauty of Crater Lake

Crater Lake (Oregon), was our next stop. I'd forgotten just how jaw-droppingly beautiful it is and wanted to share it with you here with a whole ton of pictures.

We were greeted by little critters at every stop as we drove around the rim of the crater.

I couldn't believe how many beautiful flowers there were, just growing out of the pumice left behind by the volcanic explosion that created the crater that is now a lake.

As we drove around the Rim Trail the color of the lake changed with the cloud cover and color of the sky.

The deepest lake in the US, a closed ecological system with such amazingly clear water.

I love this picture of the broken sign, it looks like Zach is running away after breaking it.

There is Wizard Island, a cinder cone in the center of the lake. We missed getting to take the boat tour out there by 1 minute (the people in front of us in line got the last seats of the day, sigh).

The whole foreground in this photo is all pumice which is so weird and soft and crunchy to walk on. Can you still see Wizard Island?

So many cool rock formations all around the lake.

Danger Kid!

Rock. Sky. Cloud.

Vidae Falls.

Even more different flowers at Vidae Falls.

I wish I knew all the names of the flowers. The pictures will have to suffice.

This one might be a lupin, but don't quote me on that.

Looked like an effortlessly perfect garden planting. I suppose it was!

This is the Phantom Ship which is supposed to look like a pirate ship.

It wasn't visible unless you were at the right viewpoint.

It may not really look like a Phantom Ship but it is certainly picturesque.

The Pinnacles is a grouping of volcanic spires, never seen anything like them before.

They are what is left over after the lava flow from the volcanic eruption that made Mt. Mazama into Crater Lake. Just so strange and delicate looking.

Windblown flowers on the edge of the crater.

We snagged a fellow tourist to take our picture. Too bad my lens was dirty, oh well.

A closer shot of Wizard Island.

And closer still, just look at the color of that water in the smaller pools!

To end the picture extravaganza, some lowly lichen. Such a brilliant color!


Jan said...

Thanks for the tour of beauty. I haven't been there in years but I see it hasn't lost any of its charm.

beadbabe49 said...

Indeed, thank you for the lovely virtual tour around the lake! In our early years in oregon, we tried three times to see the lake and each time were stymied by the weather (snow, fog and can't remember what happened the third time).

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. I've heard so many things about the lake that I would love t visit, but right now I'm happy to live it through your photos.