Monday, August 09, 2010

Purple & Yellow = Fun

Here is a quilt I am in the process of making for the ALS Hopes & Dreams project. I didn't get it completed for the original deadline, but they've extended it for a while. I got the directions from

I got to use a lot of my favorite purples which was fun. I chose the yellow/purple combination because it is one of the cheeriest ones in my opinion. It is great to work with such a happy combination.
Here it is with the first border added on. I may make a second striped border since I have a lot of strips left over from making the blocks.
I was just about to quilt this but then I remembered that this is sponsored by Quilter's Dream, so I have to go get some of that batting to use, not one of the ones I keep on hand, hope I can find it in a shop somewhere nearby.

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Deb said...

this is wonderful. For a traditional quilt, all straight lines and such, it has such an organic feel, like pile of autumn leaves. marvelous.