Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Maximum Tumbler Overload

I started this Tumbler Charm Quilt a long time ago (five years!) and I'm nearing the end of getting all those tumblers together into one big quilt top. I had to chose a edge fabric to put at the beginning and end of each strip and found a nice black/grey spiral. Here are the first five rows sewn together.
A sewing action shot, I'm only pinning the very beginning together, the rest fall into line pretty easily.
And two more added, up to seven rows.
Here's what the edge looks like with the black spiral fabric. I think it will make a nice framing border.Keep on sewing, strips over shoulder to avoid rolling over with chair.
All the variety, I love it! And no, I didn't manage to keep to the dark/light pattern that I'd originally started out with. But I truly like the randomness of dark and light sections.
This is the 1/4" foot that I'm using, it helps to get these long strips together more accurately. Accurately being a relative term in my quilting room of course.
Wall o' Tumblers!
Oh no! What are the chances?! The first rule of a Charm Quilt is NO Duplicates. And certainly not adjacent to each other, sheesh. And this was after the long strips were sewn together. sigh.
There that's much better.
Faces, there are a lot of faces. I've been fussy-cutting them, just because it feels funny to cut or sew right through a face.
And a few more faces. And that's how far I got, 13 rows, before I got bored of sewing the strips together. I'd say this is about 1/4 of the quilt top assembled. All the other strips sewn together, pressed and ready to go, I just have to get back into the mood to do it.


Anne said...

I agree with you about cutting through faces, just seems wrong.

WendyinOH said...

Hey Julie - I've got one of these finished, as my "Inventory #2" and am started on #3. They are GREAT to work on.... Love from Ohio -

Jaye said...

Get in the mood! I can't wait to see more of it!!! Love the faces and fussy cutting is definitely the way to go!