Thursday, August 26, 2010

Underground and On The Water

Back from vacation, and trying to get back in the swing of things. Here are some pictures from the first part of our family trip. We went North. Our first stop was Lake Shasta. It seemed really low on water, but we were told that this was the highest water level in several years (yikes!).
I took a lot of pictures as we walked along the floating houseboat dock in Holiday Harbor. We checked out all the houseboats for rent, it looks like a lot of fun to do with a group....maybe next year.
I'm always fascinated by how things (and people) look reflected in moving water). I love this one of Zach at the bottom of the boat launch.

Oh and rusty things, of which there were plenty being on the water and all.

Winches with rusting metal. Some newly painted.

Some not. Near our campsite were osprey nests, way up on the top of the power towers.
This one was totally giving me the evil eye, probably because I was lurking around underneath taking pictures.

A rare shot of Mt. Shasta's summit! I've never seen it, always was covered in clouds whenever I've been here.
Right before we left, I asked on Facebook for recommendations of fun stuff to do on our trip, and Maureen said to go to Lake Shasta Caverns. So we did! It was super fun, and if you like going deep into Mother Earth and don't have trouble with stairs and confined spaces, I say go for it! You take a boat over to the other side of the lake and a bus ride up the mountain to the visitor's center where I found a bear to pose with. Go Bears!

I didn't take notes or anything on the tour so I can't recount what all these formations are, except to say "Wow!"

and "Cool!"

Cave People!

This is the original ladder down into the caves, so glad you don't have to that way anymore.

Looks like a fancy wedding cake to me.

Or maybe beautiful curtains.

Cave Alex! Ask him how many steps. He counted. The big "cathedral" ceiling. Breathtaking.

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