Friday, August 06, 2010

Many Eyes to See

Here is a card I recently made for a fellow artist journaller on a pen pal list. Pen pals, what a concept right? It is fun to have a list of people who like to make and send and receive stuff in the mail. It makes picking up the mail much more interesting which is a good thing.
This card was made by painting several metallic acrylic paints in layers. Then I tore some mulberry papers into shapes that would back up the stamped eye. This eye is one that I hand-carved a couple of years ago. Some letters cut out from a magazine that say: SEE were the last thing added. I did a bunch of stamping and writing on the inside, but I didn't feel like photographing that.
Here's how the same stamp looks when stamped on some of my hand-dyed fabric.
And how it looks when stamped on previously painted paper.
And all the eyes together. I kind of like seeing so many eyes in one place.


Jaye said...

Glad you are posting more! They eye is wonderful!

Julie ZS said...

Thanks Jaye! Yes, I'm making the effort to post more, doing some things ahead.