Monday, August 02, 2010

Twenty-Six Together, Halfway Through The Year

Here they are, marking the half-way point through the year, all twenty-six six-word memoir quiltlets up on the design wall. What a hodgepodge of shapes and colors! The ones that are mainly rectangular stand out as kind of odd. Just goes to show that visually we are somewhat defined by our surroundings.And here is how they look all stacked up in the big box I'm keeping them in. One thing about having big teen aged boys with gigantic feet around, one ends up with rather large shoe boxes to work with! There is probably going to be enough room for the whole years' worth in here, but I do need to collage the rest of the box since it is somewhat boring on the inside.


Jaye said...

Thanks for posting a picture of all of them. I think it is so interesting to see the different shapes you have chosen. Do you start out with a shape in mind or let the fabric tell you what to do?

Julie ZS said...

Thanks Jaye. Sometimes it is the fabric, but usually it is the batting. I'm using scraps of batting and larger pieces of backing fabric, so the batting shape/size is the initial determinate of the final size of the quiltlet.