Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Why Is The Cat In The Pool?

Why was our cat Spike sitting in the pool the other day?
This is the dog pool. She likes to dig dig dig in water and cool her feet off.
It was formerly the boys wading pool, but they of course haven't used it in may years.
It is certainly not intended for use by cats. I just love this expression on his face: "Oh no, caught in the act!"
He was certainly not happy to be caught sitting in the pool. I think he knew it was strange for him to have been in there. Look at this murderous glance sent my way as I snapped these pictures.
Wonder what else he does that he's not supposed to??

1 comment:

Deb said...

I love this...he's giving you his
"I am a TIGER" glare. They love
lolling around in the water.