Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Documenting Exquisiteness

Here's a little sign in book I made to accompany my Exquisite Corpse on her journey. Some of the other artists added in notes or tied on fibers to the outside of the book. I cut this picture out of a nat'geo ages ago, but never found the right spot for it. Thought this was perfect for this group of artists making this complete figures together, piece by piece. The picture is on top of some torn handmade paper that has gold printing on it.
The book I think was made by painter and fiber artist Marion Barnett aka Artmixter ages ago when we were swapping stuff back and forth.
This mysterious looking card turned out to be an evelope containing a spare...

A spare wing from Jan! She had added the two wings to the shoulder area of my piece. This is really cool, so lacy and airy and sparkly, and I can't wait to think of something to use it on. A one-winged doll perhaps? To go with my Studio Guardian Angel perhaps?

A cool unicorn card with stars ( I love sticky stars too and put them on stuff all the time)
If there is another exquisite corpse, maybe I'll use this book again as there is plenty of room left.

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Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

How I love the pic of the women in the swimsuits!!!! And the bathing caps---oh, I remember how those felt and smelled. Always had to have the ones with the big poofy flowers on the side.....I was a show off even when I was little.
The book definitely has to be from Marion; looks like her work.
What fun!
(and yes, the Facebook thing was fun too, eventhough I had to appropriately moan and groan about doing it.......)