Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Another Corpse Is Revealed

Another Exquisite Corpse has made it home to its owner, Betty, so I get to reveal what I worked on. I ended up with quite a conundrum, am I really supposed to be making another skirt? Yes, I ended up guessing correctly. It seemed a bit off to be doing hips again, but from the clues that I could gather from the 1/2" left uncovered I thought that the figure had been done up to the waist. (Pshew, I was right!)
Here is what it arrived looking like. White shiny satin with some interesting lumps and bumps already on there and covered up.
I came up with a bubble skirt look using some of my hand-dyed cotton, commercial cottons and batiks, sequin waste, lace and some interesting fibers. I also did a lot of embroidery stitching to give more texture to the entire skirt.
But of course it didn't look done without some beads (a definite trend here with all of my exquisite corpse work).
After the addition of some shiny green beads outlining the "pockets" and some belt height glass beads it looks more like a real skirt.
Here's some beady details.
The word that I chose was SHINY which I embroidered on with my machine in the same color thread as all the other embroidery.
And I collaged a little card for Betty's sign-in book.

The sentence that came out of this one is: Magnificent Angel knowingly see shiny character.
Pretty shiny eh? In the Firefly sense that is.
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Jaye said...

Love that zigzaggy machine stitch on the turquoise skirt, which I also love.