Thursday, July 09, 2009

A Corpse Exquisitely Revealed

I'm happy to finally get to share one of the exquisite corpse pieces I've been working on for the last few months. This one has reached its owner, so I can now reveal what I did.
This round we were actually doing figures, each artist starting with a "head" on a long skinny rectangle divided into squares. We are also adding words depending on which section we are working on.
In this picture you can see the 1/2" that I got to go on as my clues. I figured that the yellow bit on the left was the bottom of the arm, and the stripes were the bodice of a garment. So I got this far with a torso/hip section, and thought I was done, but then realized, no, it needed more.
First of all the hand needed to be holding something, and the "belt" needed a bit more oomph. I also had to add the words that are part of the game this time.

I found this turquoise bead in my collection that I thought looked like an egg, I wanted an egg shape to go with the skirt material nesting egg print. The bead is quite flat too, so it fit on the quilt very nicely. I stamped the words with one of my favorite alphabet stamps on some of my hand-dyed cotton, this was then hand-stitched on with orange perle cotton.

I did a lot of decorative stitching on the skirt to add more texture. I think I would wear a skirt that looked like this. I probably wouldn't walk around holding a blue egg. but that's another thing.

I really like this photo a lot, showing all the special bits that I added to the belt, like the Chinese coin and glass beads.

And here is how the whole thing looks. I think this was my very favorite of the pieces I contributed during this round. I'm glad that Joanie likes the finished piece!


Karoda said...

digging the imagery and design here...and love the dress you're stylin' in a few post down. maybe one day i'll get myself together to do something fashionable that i can style in.

Diana Troldahl said...

That looks like tons of fun. Was it an online group?
I'll be back in the fiber collage game soon, I hope. We finally have the table that fits my locomotion, it just needs to be set up (and a bit more space to be made)