Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Three Sparkly Patches

A very cool store that I always liked was closing down in Santa Cruz, The Best of Everything, and I picked these three embroidered patches up for pretty cheap. I wouldn't have bought them for the original price, but for half off, sure why not?
They are rather stiff, like there is cardboard of thin wood inside them.
They may actually be ornaments instead of patches. I don't think I can use them on a shirt since they are so inflexible, but maybe a bag or a jacket?
I guess I'm such a magpie that I couldn't resist the sparkly bits, glittered edges, sequins and glass beads.

The designs look Tibetan to me, but there aren't any Made In: tags to tell where they were made.

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Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I'm with you; they have that Tibetan/Indonesian look. and they are beautiful!!! Not sure which I like best----there is definitely magpie in me too!
So Hurray for magpies and finding things at half price!
(I'm thinking maybe the flower is my favorite? It's tough to decide...)