Thursday, July 23, 2009

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie...

This is a tangled tale of what happens when a bookshelf all of a sudden is empty and ready to use somewhere else in the house.

After a weekend of permanent shelf building in the hall closet space, a spare bookcase was freed-up since it was no longer holding the contents of the former hall closet waaaay back from before the house remodel.
I also was able to get a Gorilla Rack that was formerly mine for the studio reclaimed from the garage. It wasn't really being fully utilized there, and it was pretty easy to consolidate stuff onto another shelf. was doing stuff that had been put off for quite a long time around the house (hooray!).

So after all that reshuffling, I was able to move that Gorilla Rack into position in my studio room, as well as as the white bookcase in the above photo.

So...that meant that thirteen bankers boxes of books and magazines were finally able to come out of storage in the master-bathroom-to-be and back into my studio. Does this remind you of "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" yet? I also went a little crazy with my lable machine and labled all the magazine containers.

Gosh that was a lot of work. But it got done, and now my studio room feels much more like my studio room instead of just a room in the house where some of my work stuff is.

I'm not too happy now that I think about it that this Gorilla Rack is next to the window, because that direct sunlight is going right onto the boxes of fabrics. I can either figure out another configuration for the entire room or make a curtain. Guess I'll make a curtain!I also moved my desk stuff from the gigantic one downstairs in the dining room area, upstairs to our desk-nook area in the master bedroom. Gawd, was that ever a hassle, all the tangled computer cords and excessively large collection of office supplies. I was complaining about having thousands of paper clips on Twitter, and it truly was not an exaggeration. Then Robbi Eklow commented they were probably for a quilt, and she was right. Years ago on QuiltArt we wer talking about office supplies used in quilts, and I did do one with staples, and had bought a big supply of pretty gold/brass paper clips to make one with those, but never got around to it.
My handy dandy husband made the desk top for me, to put on top of this nice two drawer filing cabinet that I found at Goodwill for not much $$. I think there is a plan for some shelves of some sort on one side or another of top of the desk for all the cd's and dvd's that one accumulates with a computer system, but I am not waiting for those to appear and getting on with organizing without them. That blank wall needs a quilt hanging up though doesn't it?


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

If only my stusio was this organized at the moment!!! OY!
It seems there are a lot of us ripping and redoing at present; maybe it's the moon, or maybe, as in my case, I save too much stuff for the amount of storage I have.
And somehow it's hard to try and stop work to have to time to do it all properly.....
Looks great!

Darling Petunia said...

Gotta love a label maker!