Friday, July 24, 2009

A Tail Artist's Heart Became Bounteous Night

I was so thrilled to receive my completed exquisite corpse home this week! Here she is in all her glory.

She began with just a head, and four empty squares outlined in black thread. Part of the game this round was to add words in a certain sequence to hopefully make an interesting poem by the end. The background fabric was a white-on-white print that I'd dyed years ago and never used for anything. I thought it had a lot of movement and interest for a background, and I liked the colors.

This is the face that I created, a self-portrait of sorts (me and my big mouth, and ever present pony tail). Words are: A TAIL
This is the neck/chest that Jan made. How do you like those lacy wings, the breast is dimensional by the way. I really love that the heart is right at the throat chakra, one of my key points that I'm working on (ie expressing myself verbally and clearly). The words are: ARTISTS HEART

This is the torso/waist that Betty made. I love the sequined belt, so pretty and flashy, and if my waist were this small in real life, I would totally be wearing one to call attention to it! The word is: BECAME
This is the hips/upper legs that Joanie made. How about that apron, and jeans, I love how this represents a big part of me being the housewifey type and all. The word is BOUNTEOUS
And finally the lower legs/feet that Linda made, dancing away the time of the night. Isn't that beaded watch and parts a cool addition? The word is: NIGHT

Here is the whole thing (click picture to see it larger). The poem reads:
A Tail Artist's Heart Became Bounteous Night.
I'm considering switching out the "i" in tail for an "l", because then it would wind up being a very descriptive self portrait!
I'm thinking this would be fun to hang on the outside of my studio door so visitors will know who they're going to encounter...
This was a really fun round of this project, I'm glad that I talked myself into participating and can't wait to see the other three completed corpses from my group as well as all the others, which will all be posted in some form or another at Exquisite Corpse Textiles
or at our Flickr Group.


Diana Troldahl said...

How cool! I especially love that it is a small group of artists working together.

Deirdre said...

Great Wonderful Stupendous! It would make the perfect welcome from A TALL ARTIST!

How tell did she end up?

:-D eirdre

Karoda said...

I love bottom line seems to be humour these days and this tickles me.

Yall just rock this exquisite corpse thing!