Friday, November 07, 2008

Two Days of Happiness, Back to Reality

Yes we did! What joy, to celebrate with the world.
Onwards and upwards.
I'm so proud of my country, it feels like we've really grown up, out of the selfish teenage years, into young adulthood, where we swear we'll try to be responsible now.
We'll just see, I keep saying to myself cynically. I'm trying hard to remain as expansively optimistic as I felt on Tuesday night. Understand that it is difficult to imagine for someone from my era (first political memories are (McGovern,Watergate, Vietnam) that our government can be radically reformed by one election. An amazing, historic election yes, but still, just one election. This change that so many seem to assume will just "happen" is going to be a hell of a lot of work over the coming years, and under the worst confluence of economic, international and environmental immediate problems that any president or government has ever had to tackle.
But this cynicism arises after several days of smiling, breaking into gushes of happy and relieved tears over and over again as I re-watched Obama's speech and the crowd reactions around the world. Happy dancing is over now, Back To Work! Fingers crossed that most of the people who were roused out of their slumber to actually go vote will stay at least a little bit engaged and aware, that will be the biggest help to making the promise Obama represents a reality we can all enjoy. And the rest of my fingers crossed that those who didn't vote for Obama will get on board and help row with the rest of their fellow citizens, instead of staying back on shore and holding us all back with fear, obstruction, and misinformation.


Deb said...

Julie - Check out a very different perspective. My son does promotion for this artist.

Play "Mr. President..." at

Anonymous said...

Nice sentiments, but this fellow sums it up fairly precisely I'm afraid:

JulieZS said...

Thanks for both of these links, I appreciate the sentiments expressed at each one.

suzietee said...

I didn't vote for Obama, but that doesn't I ever stopped rowing and I never sat on the shore with fear, obstruction and misinformation. The group of republicans that you know must be drastically different in thought to me and the ones I associate with. I was slightly offended by the implication that I do not help build a better America just because I choose to do it in a different way.

JulieZS said...

Suzietee, in my last sentence there, I'm talking about post-election what the people who didn't vote for Obama will choose to do. Not everyone will do the same thing, some will decide to give Obama a chance to prove himself, some will not. I'm sorry you're offended, but I have to say I am worried that people who were really strongly opposed to Obama will work against him and that would definitely not help to build a better America. I'm coming from having watched the campaign really closely, and a lot of the McCain/Palin supporters that I saw being interviewed didn't sound like they would *ever* support a President Obama. After calling him terrorist, socialist, communist and worse, can they stop themselves now, and remain open-minded enough to see what he will actually do in office? I'm trying to remain hopeful that what I saw was just a result of the over-heated campaign rhetoric and that they'll at least give him a chance. Thanks for your comment!

suzietee said...

Hey Julie,
As you know I was not an Obama support, but now he is my president. I for one will give him the respect and the support the job entitles him to and hope that he can change our country around to my liking. I, like everyone else would like to see the war end successfully and have a better economy. World peace would be wonderful, but let's keep things realistic. I am hopeful for a better America. I also hope that the others that did not vote for him give him a chance to succeed. He's got a long and hard road ahead of him. I appreciate the way you respond to your comments. I felt that my opinions where respected and taken by a person with an open-mind and that is comforting to me.