Monday, November 24, 2008

Save ABC's Pushing Daisies Petition

If you like the ABC program Pushing Daisies, you might want to help by signing this petition: Save ABC's Pushing Daisies Petition
Hard to believe that one of the most creative and visually beautiful shows on tv (dare I say ever!?) has been cancelled.
Here's what I wrote on the petition: This is one of the most original shows I've seen in years. Quirky, funny, insightful, colorful, expressive, romantic, sweet, thought provoking. Just what your network needs to keep. Please no more reality shows, we need a break from reality with fun fantasy shows like Pushing Daisies.
and here is what I wrote when asked "What I Love About Pushing Daisies" :
The thing I love the most is showing the magic in everyday life, all the connections and coincidences that we mostly miss, but make up most of our life stories.
These characters are unique, have depth and are mostly people who seem very realistic. I find them to be entirely believable, while most characters on tv are broad stereotypes or charicatures, but not these.
The stories have so much to them, even when you rewatch episodes, there is always something new to understand. The intricacy of the storytelling assumes that grownups are watching, hurray!
The set design and music are so beautiful and alive and positive. There is nothing else on tv that compares.
The whole show all taken together just makes me happy. It illustrates the power of love, friendship and caring, maybe that's sappy, but compared to all the utter meaness of all the reality shows it sings to my heart.
And I don't even like pie!
Two of my favorite moments thanks to YouTube:
The most romantic scene:

and a very funny scene featuring a favorite They Might Be Giants song:

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