Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fabric Acquisitions

Recently I ordered some fabrics for making some clothes for myself from ReproDepot, and I was smart this time and instead of just guessing on yardage, I actually got out the pattern I was planning to use and ordered the correct amount. And here is my next innovation I'm most proud of, I wrote a note to myself about which view I'm planning on sewing with which fabric and *put it with the pattern*.

So when my order arrived I wasn't confused

  • as to who was sending me a gift of unknown yet beautiful fabric?
  • or why the heck did I buy this?
  • and hey there isn't enough to make curtains out of this!?
  • you know, the buyers' amnesia that some of us of a certain age are quite used to dealing with thankyouverymuch....
First is this lovely Asian cloud fabric. I've always loved this motif or symbol and was happy to find it in such a great color combination.

I'll be making the jacket on the right. Very simple, but I'll do something exciting with the buttons and/or pocketses.
Then I saw this fabric which completely cracked me up and charmed me all at the same time. It is part linen and quite sturdy. From the rabbits and race-cars line by Heather Ross for kokka, printed in Japan.

It will be the front part of view A, the shirt. I'll make the sleeves and the rest out of an orange and or green hand dye.This was a just because it is neat and on sale impulse buy, a very interesting print from Joshiko Jinzenji printed by Yuwa in Japan. Probably will be a shirt, but we'll see.
Then I got this, because I found the imagery to be amusing and I liked the colors and shape/energy of the design. Nest by Tula Pink for moda fabrics.
Finally I found some really fun buttons for my sci-fi jacket that I'm plotting and planning. I have several very loud and annoying scifi/robot conversationals that all kinda sorta go together and needed special buttons. Aren't they fun?

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Lunaea said...

Hey Julie, is that Dragonfly top thing big enough to work for me? It looks like those square sarong tops I wear, but more like a real garment, not just a tablecloth!