Monday, November 03, 2008


Some pictures to wrap up the doings around Halloween this past weekend.

My son Alex fulfilled his dream and got to be a gorilla! He lucked into borrowing a really awesome costume from a buddy. He was really sweaty afterwards, but he said it was totally fun to freak people out at school. His friend went as a wounded Napoleon, he even had made his own jacket, but I didn't get a picture of it unfortunately. I made a necklace out of the super coolio pendant I bought from Sacred Suzie, it really turned out nicely. I used a twisted hank of coordinating fibers that I'd bought at PIQF. It was comfy to wear, like a mini-scarf!Then on Saturday night, I arrived back home after a steering-wheel-gripping drive through a horrible rainstorm from the CQFA meeting to the power just coming back on. Just in time for me to finish my costume (finally!) for the party we were invited to. With about two minutes to spare I got it done, it turned out to be a long vest with chiffon on the bottom down to the floor, really floaty and fun, I wore it over a sparkly black dress that I already had thrifted. But the rain just got worse and worse, so the only pics I got were these that I took of myself in the car. I didn't want my camera to get wet and we had to walk through an absolute downpour while I tried to hold up my costume from the river running down the middle of the street and not let my fabulous hat get too soaked. Sheesh! Well at least you get to see my crazy green hair and makeup. Doesn't green eyeshadow make a great blusher??
It was a super fun party, the power even went out for a while (luckily there were lots o' candles going), we got to eat great yummies and have unusual and tasty mixed drinks and talk politics with people we'd just met! Wheee, it was fun! Can you tell I haven't been to a grown-up party in a while???

And no pumpkin photos because we've been very lame-o and haven't carved them yet!!! More on that later....

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Sacred Suzie said...

Very cool! Looks like a fantastic Halloween to me and I love what you've done with the pendant, yay!