Thursday, November 13, 2008

Fall Leaves Re-Boot

Moving on from the Halloween Houses quilt to the Fall Leaves quilt. These blocks were from a swap I participated in years ago. I hadn't looked at them assembled on the wall in a long time, it is fun to see them all again. Most of the blocks are pieced, some are paper-pieced, some are applique, some have fabric paint. On the left is a border print sample which may or may not be used in the final quilt top. So far this is just a collection of random sized blocks. I need to make some more and I already have a good collection of fall colors to try and unify the whole quilt top. The blocks I'll be trying are the leaf blocks found in Electric Quilt 5. There are a whole lot to choose from, of all sorts, plus there's all the ones you can find online too. And I like drawing leaves, so I'll try and make my own applique leaf pattern. I'm thinking I'll try a bunch of applique versions, as these ones shown here are of the mostly blocky, chunky, not really leafy shaped quilt block versions of leaves. In the end I'd love to end up with something like this community library leaf quilt. An excellent example of how to set together disparate blocks, of various sizes. I already have the flannel that I'll use to back this quilt. Isn't this a weird one? It has some kind of Gold Rush imagery on it, I think that is a man panning for gold. The colors are very California Autumn. I liked how splotchy the colors were, it looked like something I'd paint, plus it was on super duper sale. This is intended to be a cuddle on the couch quilt, so flannel backing will be appreciated.

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Jaye said...

ake a look at Ruth McDowell's Piecing Basics book or the piecing workshop one. She has pieced leaves that don't look chunky. I like the idea of applique', though. Lots of scope for thinking couching for the veins.