Wednesday, November 26, 2008

End of The Exquisiteness

I received my completed Exquisite Corpse collaborative project back in the mail, hooray! Excitement reigns! This is the second round of this experiment and we've been working on it for several months now. Didn't it turn out great?
For this round we drew the entire design, then divided up the space into six spaces, worked on one space, covered it up front and back, and sent to the next person. Here's what my overall design looked like, with one piece of fabric added to my square (oops forgot to take the picture first!). I used as my base a piece of cotton moire' that I'd dyed. The design idea came from the faux barkcloth print on one of my atomic pillowz.So when I received it back, it was all covered up. Part of the fun is un-stitching each of these covers one by one, slowly revealing the entirety of the work!
First, I'll show you the square I worked on. The dark stitched line marks the edges of the six individual squares.

Next is Arlee Barr's work, she always has such great texture in her work. also, she is the Corspe Mistress aka the organizer of this whole shebang, and she does such a good job keeping us all on schedule and pointed in the same direction. Some of this is painted, some is stitched, and lots of it is sparkly and/or beaded:

Next is by Elizabeth O'Donnell, lots of great hand stitching and embroidery on top of couching and applique.

This square is by Donna Royer, it has a great fringe treatment on the edges of the shapes, and if I'm not mistaken she's hand drawn the patterns on the two fabrics of the shapes (ie not the background).

This square is by Reta Brunner, you can't see it too well in this picture but there are clear star sequins scattered across the background, very twinkly and beautiful. She used some interesting fabrics that go together well with the rest of the piece.

Finally a square by Susan Sawatzky, she's used several silk fabrics, couched yarns, and some great beads.
For even more exquisite corpse completed works check out our group blog, Exquisite Corpse Textiles!


Tanguera said...

This is so lovely. It all works so well together.

arlee said...

WOWSWERS!!! It's fabuous! Very Atomic 50's indeed--love it! I'd turn it on end though with Susan's and mine at the bottom. Any which way is WHOO though :}

arlee said...

oops i meant at the top :}

jovaliquilts said...

Gorgeous! It's really fabulous. I saw something made in the same way at PIQF, but they started with a photo divided in twelfths.

arlee said...

Now that i look at it again, i like your orientation :} It also reminds me of an Egyptian hieroglyph!

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I never thought I'd see a project named after a Bauhaus song.

Nancy said...

Neato! It truly workz!!

How fun...can't wait to see them all!!!