Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Late Fall Garden

A little tour through the late fall garden on a dewy morning: The climbing rose continues to bloom.
I like this view of beautiful corruption.

A closeup of a mini-mum.

The lemon balm decided to re-sprout. I thought it was done for the season. I love how spring green it is, you can practically see the sunlight captured within the leaves.

An end-on view of a kaffir lime on my small patio tree. My Thai plants have been doing great all summer, the lemongrass really took off and the Thai Basil is still putting on new sprouts. It has been fun cooking with all three of these pungent herbs, makes my attempts at Thai cooking so much more authentic tasting.

The apple trees are changing color.

And finally, the sun coming through on of our redwood groves.

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