Tuesday, November 18, 2008

November's Full Moon

I was moonstruck this last week, the full moon's pull was powerful and strong. After many unsuccessful attempts, I finally figured out some of the settings on the manual setting of my digital camera and got this photo. Without a tripod I will note in a very braggadocious sort of annoying way. See, I can hold still for two seconds (which is how long the shutter was open!).
Anyways, hope you enjoy this photo as much as I do!November's Full Moon is known as:
Full "Beaver" or "Snow" Moon (from the beavers busy building their winter homes).
Also, Full Frost Moon.
In China called The White Moon
In Cherokee The Trading Moon
In Choctaw The Sassafrass Moon
In Sioux Moon When Horns Are Broken Off
In Celtic The Dark Moon
In New Guinea Tiger Shark Moon

No frost, beavers or snow around here, it was about 80F on the day of the full moon this year.
But usually we're having frost by then. Not this year though.

What a weird coincidence, I googled "November Full Moon Name" to get some of the above info, and one of the first hits is my local library system! No wonder I love living here...

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