Saturday, November 29, 2008

San Francisco at Night

We went to see a concert in San Francisco last week, and took some pictures before hand in and around Yerba Buena Gardens and the Metreon.
Want to Shake?
No really? Want to shake?
This is a really disturbing statue, not only because from far away when I was walking by myself in the dark, I saw this person standing so still, freaked me right out.
Actually a piece of public art "Shaking Man" by Terry Allen.
The Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial, a beautiful waterfall installation, you walk behind it and see photos and read quotes from his life.
Hard to get a picture at night of a waterfall, this one finally worked.
This infinity edge fountain on the top of the gardens is beautiful by day too, but with the reflections of all the lights, really gorgeous. Don't you love the curviness of it? In the background is the big Metreon, a shopping/movie complex (ie, a mall!).

One of the weirder things I've ever encountered in SF (and that's saying something!), a gigantic room filled with toy claw machines.
We were absolutely mystified until Marc noticed that the machines were for sale! Here's my favorite, because it is filled with Cal mascots, Oski! Go Bears!
What is it with me and taking pictures in bathroom stalls? This is the bathroom stall in the Metreon, some type of brushed steel, I just loved the overlapping circular patterns that gave the illusion of such depth, it looked different from every angle.

And here's the reason we came to the big city! What an amazing show. We all really love The Decemberists, but we had no idea how fabulous they would be live and in person. I got the tickets really late so we were in the last row of the upper balcony, but luckily The Warfield has good views from every seat.
The opening band was called Loch Lomond and they were really good too, a nice surprise, because you never do know when it is a band you've never heard of. And they say Loch Lomond the same way we do too, because that is the reservoir/lake that is near our house. We couldn't be normal and use the proper Scots pronounciation, so we made up our own faux French version. When we heard them introduced Marc and I cracked up. Zach said their playing made them want to learn the violin, which he told the band member that he bought the cd from, I think it made the musicians' night to hear he'd inspired a teenager to want to learn the violin.

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jovaliquilts said...

My daughter wanted to go to this concert, but it was right after she flew home for Thanksgiving! Bad timing. I really like their music.