Sunday, June 17, 2007

Trying Something New

I'm hostessing Saturday's Try Day on Create a Connection all month long. This weekend I suggested everyone try something new to eat.
This picture kind of sums that up, don't you think? Here is my younger son Alexander, enjoying some squid at the graduation dinner we went out to for my older son Zachary's junior high graduation. He loves squid and is always trying to get me to eat the legs. I like the rounds of squid or the calamari patties you can buy, but the legs always ick me out too much to eat. But I gathered all my courage and tried one. And it didn't wriggle in my mouth like I thought it would, and the suckers didn't grab onto the inside of my cheek, and it didn't try to ooze off my tongue. And it tasted more squid-like than the other pieces of squid I usually try. And that is good! So I tried something new. Hooray!
I also was reading in the Green for Life book about the green tops of root vegetables having even more nutrients than the roots (like carrots), so out of the organic CSA basket from Camp Joy, I pulled out a lovely bunch of carrots, wrestled off the tops, rinsed them off and tossed them into my green smoothie for the day. Yum! Even more fresh, green flavor for me to enjoy. Sorry bout that to our pet bunny, you'll have to make do with just carrots now.


John said...

I do not think the carrot tops have more nutrients than the root, just diffeent ones. It's just that most people waste the greens, which is a shame.

More at the World Carrot Museum.

Melba said...

Catching up with you this morning by reading your last several posts...your outlook on life always puts a smmile on my face. Great pictures!

Valerie Winters said...

I love the book 'Green for Life' & my newest thing is to put beet tops into my green smoothies.