Thursday, June 14, 2007


A friend and I are doing some collage collaboration work. We each started out with a blank journal, and are choosing words for each other to inspire a collage. Then we are sending the books back and forth, being inspired by each other's work. I thought I'd share what I have done so far with that project.

The first word my friend Rue chose for me was "Cherish". The words in my collage say: I choose to cherish the unexplained. Like love for instance! No matter how much time it takes. I choose to cherish.

Here is the Cherish collage that I did in my friend Rue's book. Some of the imagery came from my Amnesty International magazine, a story about a friendship that sprang up between a family behind the Iron Curtain and a family in England, all brought about through the Amnesty penpal program.

This is my "title page, in my book, which started out life as a book of watercolor postcards.

Here is the front cover, paper painted with walnut ink over crayon rubbings, and the ridged section is from a cool box that I saved. The ribbon is from an amazon present! See, never throw anything away!

And the back cover, this is a paper napkin, I colored over it with pearly crayons. It is kind of fragile, so I think I'll seal it somehow.


Linda said...

You are very talented... I'm very impressed and inspired.

Karoda said...

the pages look good...i love these kind of joint ideas...i'm just not that good at participating in them...keep sharing