Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Graduation Day

Here is my environmental self portrait for the Self Portrait Challenge this week.

In this picture I am at my son's middle school graduation this past Thursday. Now he is a high schooler, gasp!

Trying very hard not to well up with proud tears, or fearful tears, or happy tears, or any tears whatsoever. Not so successful at that. Oh well, I cried at kindergarten graduation too. If I'm not crying, I'm not feeling I suppose.

Anyways, feeling safe, secure and very happy in my element as supportive mother, proud parent, member of the school community and so on. And a sunburned gardener too, if you check out my neck and shoulder.

Meanwhile, back at the local thrift store, I got a hat pattern, for
Or chapeaux sensass. Sensass? Is that really French for Terrific? I'm thinking that means something else, isn't formidable or terrible a better translation? I never took French, so I do not know!

And a book I've been looking for: Upholstering At Home. Yay, now perhaps the chairs will get redone with somewhat more expertise than my usual staple gun assisted upholstering method!...

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Lunaea said...

Hey Julie! You can practice your upholstery skills on my scratchy-chic chair! And when I get my hair cut later this month, you can try out your hat skills on my head! I've been thinking I'd like to start wearing hats, even though I look very funny in them. But who knows, perhaps with a Chapeau de Julie I would look tres sensass!