Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Herd of Cats

I'm surrounded by cats. This morning I woke up without being able to move one way or the other, being pinned on both sides by two cats. This first one is Spike. He is our teenager cat, still bugging the older cats, but mellowing out considerably. Now we find he is sleeping a lot more, hey, just like a teenager!

This is Zippy, my cat, and the oldest. When it gets too crazy on the bed (ie other cats have gotten too close, or I'm rolling around too much), he jumps up on the headboard and drapes himself over all the books and other stuff.

Finally this is Rexie, our fluffiest cat. He is a really lovey dovey cat, with these tremendously long whiskers and a very floppy belly. Whenever you sit down outside, he appears, ready to be petted. Or inside, he is always sleeping next to my son Alex.

We are happily Ruled by Cats.
They make the rules around here really. Here are some that I've noticed:

1. Don't come right away when called.
2. Don't enter the house with another cat, you must enter alone.
3. Eat the dogfood. Don't let the dog eat the catfood.
4. Toilet water tastes better than bowl water, just ask the dog.
5. When covered in burrs or foxtails make sure to snuggle into all the blankets on the bed.
6. Bite the hand that brushes you.
7. Dogs are for teasing.
8. If you want to go out at night, just scratch at the new carpet, they wake right up !
9. Pay no attention to the lady with the camera, she'll go away eventually.
10. If they're reading something, quick, sit on it!


Deb said...

Hah. Your first two look just like my Jinx & Voodoo. We have some additional rules :
Don't kill it, let it loose in the house alive!

Aim hurk where the most foot traffic is.

Deb R said...

Your cats are beautiful!

And my cat definitely subscribes to your cats' rules, as well as Deb's additions. Heh.