Sunday, June 10, 2007

Barcelona Bark Shirt

As promised here is what I made to wear out of Marion's Barcelona Bark pictures. There was a light and dark version of her picture, so I tiled them using Microsoft Word. Then I printed the image out on a t-shirt transfer. Remember if you are using text to reverse the image when you print, otherwise you'll have backwards letters! Mine happens to be Xerox brand, but there are of course tons of alternative choices out on the market.

I had a plain white t-shirt that I had been planning to dye, but had otherwise gone unworn since it was boring and I just don't do boring very well. So I am counting this as a Wardrobe Refashion, which is: taking something you have, transforming it, and making it even more wearable!

My trick with transfers is to first iron the t-shirt really really smooth

And instead of just using the ironing board which is kinda squishy, I put an old cutting board which is nice and smooth inside the shirt. That way you won't get anything transfering through to the back of your shirt, which can happen with some of the transfer brands.

Follow the directions, each type seems to be different, some want steam, some high heat, some not.

Once it has cooled a bit start peeling at a corner. If there is a lot of resistance, you probably haven't ironed enough. Try a bit more heat, and attempt to peel off once more.

Voila' a new and interesting/mysterious shirt to wear!

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