Monday, June 18, 2007

A Clematis Inspired Shirt

Look at my clematis! I'm so excited that it has bloomed so well finally. Many many years of one or two blossoms and then nada. This year it is going and going and spreading along the fence. Hooray! I'm ready to run out and get some more to cover the whole danged fence!

Here is my shirt with the now fabric covered buttons.
Previously it was a man's button down shirt that my husband somehow ripped the elbow out of. It was refashioned into a shirt for me, which I detailed here.
Anyways, the dark grey buttons no longer went with the flowery sleeves and collars which I'd added. So I tracked down a gizmo for covering buttons with your own fabric, cut some circles out of the same fabric and covered those buttons. Really easy, and I think it makes the shirt look much more finished.
Anyways, the flower fabric really reminded me of the clematis, almost the same colors in it! Even though it might be a gazania or something...

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Rhonda said...

Love your idea or refashioning. Way to go!