Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Interacting with My Environment

Interacting with my environment this month for self portrait challenge.
One of the main things I do this time of year is a lot of driving around. I don't really know why, but end of spring, beginning of summer finds me tooling around almost daily, and now with gas prices so high, trying to keep my speed down to save gas. A lot of the time it is getting errands done that are easier without the boys along, so I cram a lot of it in before school lets out for summer. Also, the weather is nicer, so it is fun to get and go places. I'm frequenting garden shops at this time of year too.

So after all this driving around, what after all have I accomplished?
Keeping the economy going by shopping? check.
Making sure the oil companies get record profits again? Double Check, grrrrr.
Feeling the freedom of the road, where I could go anywhere, do anything, as I'm unencumbered by the extra bodies in the car? Check.
Spring/Summer Fever? Yup, most likely.
Indulging my Sagittarius gotta go, gotta travel thing for road trips? Definitely.

I do try to keep it interesting, thus the devil smiley bendy hanging from the rear-view mirror, my comfy back pillow, bottle of cold water, usually some fresh rosemary on the dashboard and the very loud music that you can't hear. Pretty sure it was The Shins, maybe not though.

And oh, fine, Ok, I acknowledge that this is not the smartest thing in the world to do, taking a picture while driving on the freeway.

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Deb R said...

Maybe a little risky a shot to take, but it turned out great! :-)