Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Environmental Final

For my final environmental photo for Self Portrait Challenge, I thought I'd portray what I spend most of my time doing all the summer long. Watering!
We spend a majority of time outside so I like to have nice gardens to be out in. That and I'm addicted to going to garden centers and bringing home tons of new plants to see what the *&%$ deer will or won't eat. This of course means I must keep the plants that make up the gardens alive.
This picture was taken at 10am yesterday morning as I watered the hottest part of the deck where it was already over 90F. Where we live, we have little humidity, no rain all summer long, and thus increasing fire danger as summer progresses. So I like to keep a nice green and growing circle around our home as a hopefull firebreak against the worst-case scenario fire I worry about every single year.

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Amelia said...

Really neat photo!