Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Barcelona Bark by way of Marion

So, an artist friend, Marion was looking through some pictures she took of Barcelona, and posted this of some tree bark. She noticed the graffitti after the fact. Pondering what others would come up with for a use of this image, she offered one darker alternative also.

Here is what I came up with.
My first photo fooling around thing is playing with the filers unlimited package I use in irfanview. I always go for the kaleidoscope first, something about the repetition and symmetry and how strange the image comes to look...

This one is just mirroring, but look how cool the red graffitti looks now!

Then I looked at some colorizing, this one was particularly cool I thought.

Stay tuned for a wearable item I just whipped up using this image!
Thanks Marion, for the photo inspiration.

1 comment:

marion said...

Nice work, Julie. I particularly like the last one, though some of the kaleidoscopes are incredibly ethereal and lovely...keep us posted about the wearable, won't you...