Friday, June 21, 2024

Playing With Pantone Project


Now that I finally have a design wall to work with, I can finally play around with the blocks from the Pantone Project. I've been wanting to do it ever since I'd made the last block back in May, but hadn't had the space. I got out the two stacks of blocks and 4.5" fabric squares, mine are on the left, sorted by fabric color. I wanted to try my best and not duplicate any fabrics as I was making blocks. Friend Jaye's are on the right, unsorted. It's a whole lot of blocks.
Even though I have all the information in a spreadsheet (of course), I wanted to get my hands on the quantities of each type of block that I have to work with. First I laid out all of the ones I've received from Jaye. Of course I did this in the afternoon thus all the dramatic shadows.
Then I laid out my own blocks on top to make 28 little stacks.

The first blocks my eye landed on were the Ribbon blocks, there are 11 of them.
I doubt I'll keep this central slash of the Ribbon blocks, but it's definitely an interesting arrangement.
I think I really like making stars or larger shapes out of the matching blocks. 
All the rest of the blocks that are not up there quite yet. I think I need to get the Doreen Speckmann book out again and look at some of her block arrangements. This is starting to get fun!

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Jaye said...


That ribbon slash is a great idea. Maybe not the right location, but definitely an interesting element.

I promise the last blocks will be finished by the time I leave for Portland. I'll give them to you when we get home or I can bring them with me? Your choice.

I love the way this is looking Great job!