Thursday, November 24, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving!


Happiest of Thanksgiving Days to you if you celebrate. Otherwise, I hope you have a very happy Thursday!

We are having a hybrid all over the place Thanksgiving at local relative's houses on different days. Today we head to my SIL's, she's doing the turkey, we're bringing the sides and my daughter is bringing pie and cocktails. It's going to be great to all get together.

Our sides that we've just finished making are Whiskey Drunk Sweet Potatoes, Artichoke Parmesan Sourdough Stuffing, and Cranberry Wine Orange Spice Sauce.

Then on Saturday, we'll make all the same sides, as well as a turkey and bring it over to my parent's house to celebrate. And in between, on Friday it's my DH's birthday. So, a lot of to-ing and fro-ing for all the very best reasons. There is so much to be thankful this year, and I am counting all those blessings.

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