Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Wandering Wednesday - Back at the Ranch

On a rainy weekend we went for a hike at Quail Hollow Ranch, just the three of us, my DH & DS. It was a threatening sky as we started and got very very dark, but the rain held off until we were done hiking.
DS is very knowledgeable about mushrooms, so we got all kinds of good insight about this giant one, see that hole above, someone knocked it out of there. But we found several locations where new ones were seeded and growing.
The majority of trees on the ranch are various sorts of oaks and pines. There are several stands of redwoods too. It's fun being in a different sort of forest just for a little while.
The arching curving tangles were a bit spooky in the fog and mist.
DS goes to this park on the way home from work a lot so he took us on his favorite trail.
And then there's the horses, it still being a working ranch and all. They were very friendly which was nice. This one had very soft ears. I'm glad we have this park to go to now that Big Basin is all burned up.

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