Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Finish-A-Long 4th Quarter List

Time for my list of proposed finishes for the fourth and final quarter of the 2019 Finish-A-Long,

I'm adding some things from previous quarter's lists, adding some new things and taking one off last quarter's list. Ten is the total number again, because that worked well for me last quarter. Not too big of a list, but enough things to choose from at various stages. Sometimes I feel more like quilting instead of sewing bindings and I go to the list and pick something that works.

1. Body Double - I got the quilting done on this big piece last quarter. At least I think so, it may need more quilting. And then it needs a binding, sleeve and label.

2. Stripes -Finish piecing the top, quilt, bind, sleeve, label.

3. May You Ever Return - Finish assembly of quilt top, quilt, binding, sleeve and label.

4. Celestial Round Robin -Baste, quilt, and then add a binding and label.

5. Between The Cypress - Design on remaining appliqué, finish quilting, embellish, binding, hanging sleeve and label.

6. Kaffe Fassett Blue Squares - Piece top, make backing, have quilted, bind, and label.

7. City Sampler - Piece top, make backing, have quilted, bind, and label.

8. Color Box - Square up, binding, hanging sleeve, and label.

9. Griffith Park Skirt - Hem and waistband.

10. Four Living Room Couch Cushions - Piece cushions from Fabmo, and other upholstery fabrics, assemble, install closures.

If you're interested in getting stuff done, making lists, checking things off and seeing what other quilters and makers are working on, come join in the finishing magic.


Anonymous said...

Very cool and creative projects on your list! Best wishes for lots of finishes come January!

Julie Zaccone Stiller said...

Thank you so much, I am working on it!

Jaye said...

Your City Sampler looks REALLY great. I love all the different colors.