Thursday, April 18, 2019

Product Review: Shark Applicutter

 I finally had a chance to try out the Shark Applicutter on some fusible appliqué. I bought this at QuiltCon last year, pretty much on a whim because it was sort of cute and honestly I liked the colors.

This is a 14mm rotary blade on a well-designed (and as mentioned, cute) handle. The tool feels very good in my hand, the teal colored grip area is a little squishy, has just a little give and is a good size to grab onto. ie not too small for man-sized hands. I found that the shark fins worked really well to stabilize my fingers too. The fin made me feel safe that I wasn't going to push my finger down onto the blade which was honestly, my initial concern.
 I tried using it in both directions, and one definitely works better to see where you're going. I thought I'd try an exact-o blade just to compare, and this tool was so much more controllable and accurate, especially for the curvy bits.
The cap that comes with it is pretty secure and has stayed on while it's been jostling around in my rotary cutter/scissor drawer for months. Definitely a good thing because this thing is of course, very sharp!
As I was using it, I was wondering if they sold replacement blades, and yes, good news they do.

Too thumbs up on this tool, if you do appliqué, especially with curves, you will love this thing. And if you like sharks, then it's a no-brainer.

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Jaye said...

I totally missed that tool! After your review, I wish I had bought one. I certainly could have used it in the Rosalie Dace class. I'll have to look out for them, because, as you say, cutting out the curvy bits of applique-with-fusible is a hassle. This is a fantastic idea.