Thursday, January 12, 2017

Keeping a Balance

The Quilty Resolution Challenge for this year is all about Balance in our quilting/sewing. The one that I made was: To pay attention to keeping the starting of new and finishing of old quilt projects so that overall my quilting time feels more balanced.

I decided to quantify for myself why I was feeling so out of balance lately as far as my quilting/sewing has been going now that I've gotten going again. Quantifying of course means...making some lists!

So last year, I finished these quilt/sewing projects: 
  1. False Flag Sorbet
  2. Tumblers
  3. Retreat 
  4. Midi Bag
  5. Halloween Banner
  6. Pulse Donation Quilt
  7. Purple skirt
But I began and have yet to finish these new projects:
  1. City Sampler, I've made all 100 blocks, but now need to assemble them into a quilt.
  2. Italian ABC's  ditto.
  3. Row by Row barely begun making a few blocks
  4. Mini Waves cut out, some pieces sewn together
  5. Pies n' Points a lot of it cut out, some pieces sewn together
  6. Door Quilt - started in class
  7. CQFA Round Robin at the ready to be quilted stage.
Weekly Study Square - well maybe this shouldn't really be on these lists, or it could be on it weekly I suppose. So that's 20 on the projects begun side and 20 on the projects completed side, so pointless to put on here.

So I'm actually balanced! Honestly, that surprises me quite a bit. I think the surprise comes from having a pre-existing way-too-long list of quilt/sewing projects. I think I'm up to 78 now. It's almost too much to keep track of, much less store in my workroom. But in the end, no one but me knows or cares about the length of that list, what's on it, how long it's been on there.

So far this year I've completed 0 quilts and have begun 2 quilts (Solstice and Calendar) so I'm already out of balance after a week and a half into the year...

Thanks, Sandy, for getting me to think about balance for the coming year.

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Jaye said...

Thanks for writing about balance in a normal non-woowoo way. I make regular lists of my projects to try and keep the UFO list low. I have gotten pretty good at finishing things I start, but I have been feeling like I am in a quilt morass lately. After reading your post, I think it is because I am working on too much at once and only make incremental progress on any one project. The down side of leaders and enders.