Thursday, April 01, 2010

My Heart Is Full And Complete

Here is the ninth in my year-long series of weekly six-word memoir quilts.
The words say: "My Heart Is Full And Complete."
This stitch on the left is accomplished by having a pretty wide zig zag and wiggling back and forth what you are sewing. I like the look of it, looks like sketching lines to me.
I had to put another tuck/fold in this one for some reason.


Jaye said...

I really like this project you are doing. I would guess that it makes you think about what you can say in 6 words that is meaningful.

Jan said...

Another good one, Julie. I really like the effect of that zigzag stitch too, I'll have to remember that one.

Julie ZS said...

Thanks Jaye, yes the distilling of a week into 6 words is really making me think hard, which is of course a good thing!
Thanks Jan, yes that zig zag wonky stitch is definitely worth trying out sometime.